The Witcher เดอะ วิทเชอร์ นักล่าจอมอสูร – ซีรีส์อารมณ์เกม ซับซ้อน

The Witcher เดอะ วิทเชอร์ นักล่าจอมอสูร – ซีรีส์อารมณ์เกม ซับซ้อน

The Witcher


The Witcher เดอะ วิทเชอร์ นักล่าจอมอสูร

The Riviera Gerald (Henry Cavill), the Whitcher demon hunter. According to the prophecy, he set out to fulfill his fate in protecting the young girl he will meet in the forest. The young girl is Siri (Freya Allan), Princess of Sintra, who had to escape colonial war by the Army of Nilfkard. She also had to find the secret of the mysterious power held by the family.And on the other side of fate is Jenifer of Wengerberg (Anya Shalotra), an intrepid mage who swaps out the opportunity to have a baby for a beauty that she does not suffer from behind an ugly crouch. Next In addition to the demons Whitchers like Gröld have to deal with, the search for Siri is the key to keeping the world safe.

The Witcher was originally both a phenomenal fantasy novel by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. But it was the game that helped make The Witcher known all over the world.

But whether the series continues the story like a game all the time, it’s not cheap. Because in essence, The Witcher was so brave to play with non-chronological storytelling. At first we can see destination-like events from one point of view. Fortunately, this time Netflix has Thai dubbing on the same team that dubbing the theater. Making Thai subtitles is another great option for watching The Witcher. อ่านต่อ

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