The Drug King – A Movie Review

“The Drug King” is a movie I saw while sitting in a theater waiting for the release of The DaVinci Code. Being a fan of the first two films, I knew I would be awed by this one. I figured that someone who had not seen either of them would be an ideal person to give a review of the film. In a cinema filled with action and thriller thrillers, drama and comedy films, it is sometimes hard to find something that’s not already well-known. In this case, The Drug King makes an excellent choice. It has a strong story, great acting, and some truly bizarre creatures.

It is set in modern Japan and the main character played by Hidehiko Yamane is an innocent Japanese man who turns into an extremely powerful and brutal drug lord. The acting is flawless and the plot is compelling. It’s often lost in the repetitive characters, the overused characters, the lack of plot developments, uninteresting twists. This movie would benefit from a better plot, more original characters, and a better performance in order to stand out against the other action-filled movies of the summer.

The movie moves quickly through the action, with little to no building. There aren’t brightly colored characters, spooky locations, vibrant costumes, Chinese mysticism or martial arts rituals. Kim’s hairstyle, wardrobe, and facial expressions are the only things that seem different from scene to scene. There are a lot of boring scenes and scenes in the movie. The story revolves around the drug trade from the drug the lord to his victims through the obligatory police meetings and inter-office politics. The only thing that differs from scene to scene is the colors of the uniforms.

The star of the film in the film, aside from Kim Dongcheon (Chin Na-young) is actress Doo-sam. Doo-sam is Kim, the brilliant drug lord who rises to power on the Korean peninsula. He is an amazing strategist and an intelligent man. He is also an expert planner and ambitious planner. He is a master manipulator and plans to use the power of fear in order to attain his goals. He also likes Onmyo (Choi Hong–Sul) and wants to protect her. The movie presents the theme of how power corrupts and why loyalty is more important than wealth in a country that is ruled by the drug industry.

In the same way, Kim is also a aggressive and ruthless criminal whose past is kept from Onmyo. Kim is angry over the disappearance of her husband and suspects him of being involved in the drug trade. Doo-sam also competes with Bum-shing, a drug lord who wants to manage the lucrative drug industry. When the two fight it out over the turf of the drug trade, the police discover that Kim and his associates have also set up an interview with Yoo-jung, the Chinese drug Yoo-jung, a lord of the Chinese drug industry.

The Chinese discover that Yoo-jung and Doosam are meeting. They attempt to stop them, but are defeated by the police of the Korean National Police Force. Then, they discover that Doo-sam’s gang have also abducted the daughter of the KNPF chief and took her to their secret hideout. The KNPF decides to search the compound and rescue the girl. Meanwhile, Doo-san realizes that the drug king has obtained some powerful weapons, and decides to make use of them against the Koreans. The movie ends with Doo-san’s goons pursuing the NPF.

This movie depicts the lives of two distinct characters which highlight the ever-changing culture in Korea. The opening scene shows the drug king and his crew having a barbecue on an excursion while the helicopter hovers above. The Chinese restaurant in the background shows their traditional Chinese meals while Doosam and Yoo-jung eat together for dinner. It’s interesting to note that the helicopters in the background are actually Korean helicopters that are used in military operations.

ดูหนัง hd This film is definitely not for people who are drawn to action sequences. Although the movie has many action scenes, it is mostly a story about two characters that are different and come to be caught in the middle of a power struggle. Many films have a similar plot structures and the plot wasn’t as complex as I thought it would be for it was not written as a screenplay. Overall, it’s an acceptable film from Korea, but not as good as my other favorite films like the Replacements and Meet the Parents.

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